Healing Gems

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Gems and Stones to Enhance Your Life

Healing Gems

Custom Design

You can select gems and stones to enhance healing, and we will put them into jewelry. Color, tint, shade, size, and other characteristics determine the attractiveness of our design. Your custom design should be attractive as well and healing to you. No medical or health claims are made for any stone or gem. Ask a medical professional about any medical condition. Pick the healing stones you want us to use.

  • Agate helps you discern the truth. It is a powerful healer of emotions and is used to accept that which you cannot change.
  • Amber is the nutrients of plants from the distant past. It calms hyperactivity and reduces stress. You find humor and joy in the events around you.
  • Amethyst produces inner peace. There is assistance in fighting addictive urges and redirects energy.
  • Apatite improves communication and assists in reducing weight. You become more psychic.
  • Aquamarine reduces fears. Nerves are calms, and your strength and control expand.
  • Aragonite is calming and helps you center. Self-discipline improves insight and awareness.
  • Aventurine strengthens the legs and joints preparing a job change. With a steadier base, you become more independent.
  • Calcite enhances memory. Artistic and scientific efforts become more balanced. There is harmony between cognitive and emotional efforts.
  • Chalcedony helps you express emotional needs. As honesty is enhanced, regret is reduced.
  • Chrysocolla is a Native American healing stone. It relieves physical problems (ulcers, breathing, and arthritis). It aids in protection of your body.
  • Chrysoprase enhances grace. You are able to communicate better because of internal balance. It buffers and protects from depression.
  • Citrine is a cleaning stone. It detoxifies your body and clears your auras. Tissue regeneration is reduces and mental activity is energized.
  • Copper is a metal from the earth. While most people are aware of its use in treating arthritis, it also stimulates initiative, overcomes restrictions, and produces an optimistic outlook.
  • Coral brings the freedom and flow of the sea to protect your from evil influences. Imagination is increased and conflicts are resolved. It is said to be good for heartburn.
  • Fluorite strengthens bones and teeth. There is also a stabilizing and calming of emotions that lead to increased comprehension.
  • Garnet is sometimes called the sex stone. It is believed to increase health and imagination. Energy flow throughout the body is balanced.
  • Hematite is the reddish iron ore from the earth. Thus, it symbolizes grounding and a common feeling of protections. Given its color, it is considered beneficial for the kidneys. Level headedness is an expected result.
  • Jade is a powerful stone that is believed to promote longevity. Wisdom and prosperity are attributes along with a reduction in eyestrain and negative influences.
  • Jasper is believed to make traveling safer. It is a powerful healer that blocks negative forces and dampens intense passion.
  • Kyanite is used in dream work to increase clarity and comprehension. Creativity is enhanced.
  • Quartz in its clear form is a stone that can be changed to suite various needs. Bad habits can be changed to produce good luck. Your life force can be channeled more clearly.
  • Rose Quartz is reduced to enhance physical attributes. Weight is reduced and wrinkles lessoned with fertility enhanced. Some consider its attractive hue to represent the love stone that improves matters of the heart.
  • Sodalite can be used to bring about prophetic dreams. It is thought to work on the endocrine system to reduce confusion. It protects during times of adversity and helps your overcome obstacles in your path.
  • Sugilite is considered helpful for cancer patients because it enhances physical healing through reducing stress and balancing your emotions.
  • Tiger Eye is a particularly lovely stone that displays age old traditions of magic. It is the psychic protector that helps you achieve clarity. People in business find it protecting for the confusion of others. It is also used to identify addictions and help you overcome urges that lead to ruin.
  • Turquoise represents friendship by combining two colors. Its color is noted to be mentally relaxing and helps your breathing. It reduces anger.
  • Unakite is a promoter of self-growth. Converting negative influences to opportunity and favor enhances personal power. Some believe it helps with kidney stones when drinking cleared water.

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