The Rahbi Crawford Healing Music System

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Rahbi Crawford's Transformational Melodies

The Rahbi Crawford Healing Music system transforms both mind and body from a state of being narrowly focused to accessing creative solutions. Healing Music generates harmony through the use of acoustic instruments. Their vibrations unify our mind and body to enhance healing. It has taken Rahbi years of intense study and practice to acquire the essential knowledge needed to produce effective Healing Music. Rahbi has more healing wisdom in her experience than millions of other professionals have in their training and academics. American Mindfulness uses this elegant system of healing because of one overriding reason. It works.


This Healing Music is modeled on the ancient chakra systems. The universe is composed of spinning wheels of energy, and we are also made up of energy vibrating in uniquely beautiful patterns. Chakras can be thought of as those feelings in our bodies that seem like centers of energy. While different ancient systems use different numbers for these energy points, it is commonly accepted there are seven wheel-like energy centers that can be perceived. Each chakra feels like it is an essential aspect of consciousness as it forms a master information program about our lives, loves, learning, and illumination.


Ancients discovered that vibrations (sound and light) could impact our chakras. More recent research has verified the wisdom of the ancients, while at the same time expanding our knowledge into how transformational healing is produced. Stress from life events and illness narrows our thinking and gets us stuck in destructive patterns. This narrowing of focus results from an increase in neurotransmitters that actually block access to the wisdom inside us.


We normally think of relaxation being produced by soothing and calming melodies. While this is true, a relaxation response can also be achieved through concentration. As we travel our life’s path, the difficulties we encounter are often connected to what was calming at one time. Memory can limit our thinking by recalling past uncontrolled and stressful problems. The Rahbi Healing Music system uses both calming and concentration melodies that expand the consciousness and transform chaos into creativity. Flute and other musical instruments in the foreground take the listner to a cognitive place where the background healing calmness and concentration of the crystal bowls can produce the desired results.


The ancients knew about the therapeutic benefit available by focusing on charkas, but they did not have the advantage of modern research. They were able to achieve amazing success, but their efforts required years of dedication. Trying to gain transformational mental clarity was a struggled that included terrible frustration along with its accomplishments. Physiological measurements have shown the Rahbi Healing Music system efficiently achieves therapeutic benefits in only a few training session.


We first assess stress within the chakra system. This does not require a lengthy activity. In less than five minutes, strength and problem areas can be assessed. The Rahbi Healing Music system Chakra Assessment music starts off with a 30 seconds of preparation from rain stick sounds. Rain sticks energize the system before starting the assessment process. This music resets of our mind and body. Following the rain sticks, each chakra is stimulated with an underlying note accompanied by acoustic melodies. This stimulation lasts 30 seconds for each chakra.


Determining chakra areas that need attention can use a variety of techniques. We encourage the modern approach of physiological measurement using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) equipment (ThoughStream). The GSR response is extremely fast and accurate. What a person feels is graphed and recorded within three to seven seconds. The tap on the crystal bowl tells us the start of the musical note associated with each chakra. We observe and measure the rise and fall of a person’s response. This is extremely effective because we are comfortable with physiological measurement.


Some people, however, are more comfortable with other assessment techniques. There are healing touch practitioners that attend to differences in underlying muscle movements and tension in the body to do the same assessment. Likewise, energy-healing practitioners use kinesiology. We know some people that notice their internal states during meditation to decide for themselves what needs to be addressed. There are clients that use the Chakra Assessment music as part of a shamanic journey. They assess their chakras by noticing the animals or messages they encounter during the journey.


After the assessment process is completed, clients concentrate with music focusing on selected chakras. Normally, these are the chakras that were found to produce a stressful response, but focusing can also be used to strengthen chakra areas needed for an upcoming event or activity. This involves producing a relaxation response by attending to transformational melodies specific to each chakra treated. The normal therapeutic interventions (massage, aroma, energy, counseling, etc.) are conducted at the same time.


We ask clients to condition these relaxation states to a touch (usually at the base of the left thumb) so it can be accessed when needed in the future. A repeated two-second touch to this spot is very effective in anchoring a relaxation response that counters stress. Repeating this process is transforming and enhances creativity in four to six sessions. The Rahbi Healing Music system combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to make us smarter.